The vaccination site is at the North Devon Leisure Centre in Barnstaple and bookings can be made through the National Booking Service, not the GP practice.

If you need to have your 1st dose of the vaccine then please contact the national booking service by phoning 119 or going online by clicking the link below:

For anyone who needs a 2nd dose of the vaccine, then please contact the CCG either by email or telephone (contact details provided below). If you email you should get a response or if you ring then you may get put through to an answer machine so please leave a message. The CCG will then get in contact with you but this may not be immediately due to the support team not being staffed full time.

If you had the Pfizer vaccine as your 1st dose and still need your 2nd dose and have not managed to get to a clinic so far, then again please contact the CCG but also explain your situation and you will then be put onto a list to be offered your 2nd dose of the Pfizer vaccine somewhere else.

NHS Devon CCG Vaccination Support Contact Details:


Telephone: 01752 398836

Getting The Vaccine - A Message from Devon:

COVID-19 Boosters & Flu Vaccinations

The practices in Barnstaple are currently working with the local health authority to see if we would be able to run clinics for certain eligible patients for both the COVID-19 booster and Flu vaccinations at the same time. As you can understand this takes a great deal of planning and coordinating. We anticipate the clinics not starting until the third week of September.

We are planning the following:

  • Offering Flu & COVID-19 boosters at the same time to some of our eligible patients to be invited by us to clinics at the Barnstaple Leisure Centre.
  • Offering Flu vaccinations ONLY to the rest of our eligible patients to be invited by us to clinics at the GP Surgeries. For these patients who are also eligible for a COVID-19 booster they will be able to book their booster via the National Booking Service and more details on this will follow.

As soon as we have confirmation of the various routes eligible patients will be able to use to get their vaccinations we will share this with you. In the meantime we ask patients to not contact the practices regarding either the COVID-19 boosters or Flu vaccine because we have no further information to give until we have finalised our plans. We will then communicate that out.